Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning | Los Angeles, CA

There is a lot of talk about pool filters, and this information exists for a reason. Pool filters are one of the singularly most important parts of any pool. Your pool filter is the thing that helps keep the water clean and debris free, allows the chemicals in your swimming pool to maintain the proper balance, and is constantly monitoring the sanitation of the water you are swimming in.

From adding chlorine and balancing pH to cleaning your baskets and filter, Mister Poolman has you covered!

Whether or not you have a residential or commercial pool, seeing lots or little traffic every day, your pool filter is going to be running, and will need to be cleaned regularly.

There are some pool filters that are more complex than others to clean. Sand filters especially are very effective at keeping pools and are infinitely more complex to clean because of the parts they have, and the potential of breaking it. This is where having an expert makes your life easier. We can fix clean any filter for you, and prevent you from inadvertently incurring the costs of replacing what was a perfectly good pool filter because you wanted to try cleaning it on your own. Things happen, and that is why there are experts to help when they do.