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Mister Poolman is a California based pool repair company that has a long standing tradition of excellence in service and a strong desire to provide the best possible service to our customers.  Mister Poolman is a family-owned business dedicated to providing a premium level of swimming pool and spa care.

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We understand the value of a pool a spa, and we also know the intrinsic as well as emotional value that your pool or spa will have.

We have built a loyal following for 35 years based on three key principles of service: Accessibility, Reliability, and Quality.

These are the three pillars on which our company operates, and our service technicians perform their work.

1. Accessibility

We are always accessible to our clients via telephone and email. If we are in the field and cannot be reached in the office, we can always be contacted via email on our mobile device to meet the needs of our clients. We are here for you day and night to ensure the quickest response.

2. Reliability

Not only do we provide exceptional service, but we believe communication to be essential to customer satisfaction. We arrive when we say we will and complete our jobs on-time. Of course, delays can and will occur in any business, but we always make it a priority to communicate with our clients so

they are never left uninformed. We hear so many complaints about other pool companies not showing up for service, leaving their jobs unfinished and failing to deliver on promises.

3. Quality

We realize that when we are hired by a client, they are not simply looking for a clean pool; they are looking for a company to handle all their pool needs so they can focus their energy elsewhere. We know our clients have busy lifestyles and want to spend as little time worrying about their pool as

possible.Our experienced professionals are qualified to perform any and all repairs or replacements, including heaters. Included in our monthly service, we guarantee to skim the surface, vacuum and brush the pool walls, scrub tiles, furnish all necessary liquid chemicals, test

pH and chlorine level, clean pump & deck traps and check all equipment. We do all the brain work and pay attention to detail so you don’t have to!

We know there is no better advertising than through happy customers. If we can astound our clients with quality of service, then we know we can make them customers for life. We hope to create these long lasting relationships with our clients so that whenever they need something for their pool or spa, Mister Poolman is the first company they call.


We’re more than a service… we’re a relationship!