Light Fixtures & Light Bulbs

This might seem like a no brainer to some, and to other they may ask why we are even talking about lights. Lights have nothing to do with pools, right? Well, that’s not true. Lights and lighting fixtures are very important to a good pool. Lights help maintain a clear view of the pool throughout the day, so when the sun is not out you can still see in the pool, or on the deck.

This makes grilling on your deck at night easy to deal with, so you don’t need to worry about inadvertently falling into the pool. Lights can also give your pool a different ambiance, which is a great feature to have to parties, and other social gatherings. Lights are not just something that will give your pool a bit more artistic flair, but are unique devices to help you create something more out of your pool, rather than letting it just be a place to relax and have fun. This not to say that these aren’t things you should have in your pool.

Have you been swimming in the dark due to a burnt out pool light?
Mister poolman will light up your pool in no time!

We also install pool lights that are light that are designed to work in your pool as well. The way they are made can make it look kind of like portholes on a boat, except they emit light to give the pool a unique glow and make it safe to swim in, in the dark. Safety is a primary concern for any pool owner, whether they have a public pool or personally owned pool.

No one wants people to hit themselves on the walls of the pool, or scrape themselves on the bottom either. We can help you with this by giving you the opportunity to install better lights that set the mood that you are looking for, and making your pool safe throughout the day and year for swimming.