Deck-O-Seal / Coping

There are lot of different treatments and procedures that one can use in order to treat their pools and fix some of the minor issues wrong with it. The coping of the pool is not that dissimilar from the coping of a building or a deck or any other constructed building. Coping provides security and shelter to a pool; allows an additional ridge to help keep it clean and gives the people swimming and playing in the pool an additional facet to stabilize themselves.

The coping of the pool is also a form that can give your pool and deck the sealing it needs to be an effective barrier and efficiently keep unwanted articles from invading it. Mister Poolman will give your pool and deck the coping it needs to have the most secure barrier possible, that keeps your deck in place, give you a bit more friction, and allows you to have more peace of mind when swimming.

Need work on your pool deck?
Mister Poolman does Deck-O-Seal and Coping installation!

One of the most popular products we use when repairing small things in our clients’ pools is Deck-O-Seal. Deck-O-Seal is a marvelous invention, like plaster, but designed for the watery environments of a pool. With this we can seal almost all cracks in your deck and in the foundation of your pool too. Mind, it is far easier to use Deck-O-Seal to repair your pool’s deck, as we can just slather the solution in the crack and seal them up before it becomes a problem. When we have to seal crack in the pool itself however, it becomes more of a hassle, as we will have to drain the pool before sealing it. It takes even more time, as to ensure the Deck-O-Seal takes; it is best to give the pool time to dry out before sealing the cracks, and then waiting or that to dry for the sealant to work. It’s not a difficult process, but it is long. We do everything we can to make our clients as happy as possible.