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Pool inspections are extremely important parts of keeping your pool functioning well. Many companies that build or install pools do not always stay around to make sure

that your pool or spa continues to function in optimal conditions.

This is where we step in, especially if your pool company doesn’t do their maintenance well enough. We have over 26 years of experience in repairing all kinds of pools, spas, Jacuzzis and other pool related facets.

When our technicians come to your place and conduct our pool inspection, which they are each trained in determining what aspect of your pool is malfunctioning, they will provide you with a comprehensive pool inspection checklist that covers the range of functions of your pool and what is running well, and what needs attention before it goes south. The pool repair people at Mister Poolman are dedicated to their jobs and you will not find a pool repair company with their ethic and diligence.

We take care of your pool, so you don’t have to!

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All pools need regular inspections and maintenance, and while most of California can use their pools longer that most of the United States, that

also mean those pools have a significantly shorter dormancy period, and our pool inspection checklists will save you lots of time and hassle.

With our checklists you will be able to see and prioritize which parts of your pool you want to fix first, and which you think can wait for a bit before making that plunge and committing your finances to them.  Our pool inspection checklist will also validate our work, and provide you with an extra incentive to choose us at Mister Poolman for all of your pool repair needs.  You will be pleased with our work, and you will find a company that you can rely on for your pool inspections in the future too.

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